Wedding Party

The Bridal Party

courtneyCourtney Dixon – Matron of Honor

Courtney is Ashley’s younger sister.  There is no one that knows Ashley better. From being her first friend to be being Courtney’s maid of honor at her wedding, Courtney is the only one she can imagine playing this role on her wedding day.

aliAli Bolding – Bridesmaid

Ali and Ashley met through Matt when they began dating. They became close friends when Ali convinced Ashley to begin training with a running group.  Joining that group and getting to know Ali was a game changer. Ashley is lucky she has a friend that not only has so many similar interests, but is also incredibly kind and caring.  

rachelRachael Etwardo – Bridesmaid

Rachael and Ashley have been friends since middle school when they both played the same instrument in band.  From there, their friendship grew and has been nurtured into adulthood.  Ashley counts her as a lifelong friend and is thrilled to have Rachael by her side on her wedding day. 

lindeeLindee Johnson – Bridesmaid

Lindee and Ashley first met during Ashley’s freshman year at OSU.  Lindee lived across the hallway and they soon decided to become roommates the next year.  Over the years, their friendship has only strengthened, even when they lived across the globe. It also goes without saying that without her, Ashley would never have met her soon to be husband.  

sarahSarah Mashek – Bridesmaid

Sarah and Ashley reunited when she moved to Tulsa almost 10 years after meeting at university in Dijon, France.  It’s hard to resist becoming friends with a person as warm and fun as Sarah.  During Sarah’s time in Tulsa, she became family to Matt and Ashley. She’s in Chicago now, but it always feels as if no time has passed when they talk or visit.  

andreaAndrea Regenhard – Bridesmaid

Their friendship began in 7th grade with a mutual obsession for Hanson. Through life’s changes, Andrea and Ashley’s friendship has remained. Middle school, high school, college, and life after college would not be the same without Andrea.  Having her in the bridal party is just one of the many special memories they will share.     

jessJessica Tanner – Bridesmaid

Jessica was one of Ashley’s best friends in elementary school.  When Jessica moved away before middle school began, they thought they would never see each other again.  Fortunately, they found each other again years later when they discovered they were both attending university in Dijon France.  After traveling and living together (in Dijon and Stillwater), Ashley can’t imagine sharing those experiences with anyone else.  She is honored to have Jess a part of her bridal party.   

The Grooms Party
(the Groom has some copy to write)

EricEric Griffin – The Best Man

patPatrick Bolding

johnJohn Dixon

joeyJoey Eber

dustinDustin Johnson

rustonRuston Miles

chrisChris Rollman

weaverRyan Weaver